Jigsaw Puzzles That Add Vintage Flair to Your New Hobby

Puzzles are officially having a moment. Way back in March, NPR wrote a piece about puzzle sales rocketing to three-hundred percent. I’m a contributor to this phenomenon and pleased to be one. I even bought the perfect sized fold-up table since not even my desk could accommodate the surprising size of a 750 to 1000 piece puzzle.

Along with leisurely, masked strolls, puzzles have become my favorite activity to pair with audiobook-binging. Before the pandemic, I owned zero puzzles. Now I own five, all super adorable and, of course, super vintage-y.

For awhile, it was a tough market for would-be puzzle enthusiasts, since a lot of the inventory was sold out. As online stores are beginning to stock back up, now is a great time to browse. To that end, I’ve compiled the three best vintage-themed puzzle sources I’ve come across.

Galison Puzzles


My first puzzle purchase, the gorgeous typewriter pictured above, caught my eye at Target. The second, the cheeky library, was a recommendation from a friend who bought hers from a local bookseller. I had already finished both puzzles before I realized they’re both from a company called Galison. And reader? I bought three more.

I have my eye on a couple of the psychedelic ones and that gorgeous collage of throwback motel signs. I love the fun designs and bold colors and appreciate the quality and heft of the pieces. Galison is currently working with a limited inventory, but email notifications are available for when your favorites are back in stock.

Lantern Press Artwork


Vintage-style puzzles from Latern Press Artwork

Other than the Salem witch puzzle—on its way to my grabby hands as I type this—I own none of these. Yet. But, good golly do I covet them. The artwork is stunning and playful. Scenic locations, classic films, and reproduction posters make of the majority of the options, and many are available not just as puzzles but prints, too. There is a huge variety of artwork to choose from, so pick a time to dedicate to scrolling through all the great options.

Eurographics Puzzles


Vintage-style puzzles from Eurographics Puzzles.

I’ve noticed on Social Media a lot of folks like collage puzzles, and I can see why. If you’re a sort-first kind of puzzler then collages are heaven. I think Eurographics Puzzles has the nicest looking and best selection of this variety. Beyond the collages, they also have reproductions of famous 20th century art and posters to choose from.

I haven’t touched on the market for authentic vintage puzzles, but I can assurer you it’s out there and some of it is worth a pretty penny. For now, I’m content with vintage-style puzzles and these three sources offer more than enough options to get even me through this indoor summer.

Stay safe and happy puzzling, vintage lovers!


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Virginia Vantries

Virginia hearts vintage—historical fiction, feminist fatales, classic film, and critical history. #AmWriting pulp stories and pop essays.

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